The Billing section contains detailed information regarding your plan, Premium or Team, and lets you manage your billing, namely:

  • (If you bought the subscription from the website) disable auto-renew, request refund, update card details or remove the card and possibly edit invoice details (see below).

  • (If you made an in-app purchase) only see subscription details, but not manage it.

  • In the case of an in-app purchase the transaction history may not contain the cost.

  • You can request a refund within 14 days after the purchase.

  • If you accidentally deleted an invoice email, you can re-send it. Choose Resend Receipt next to the invoice in the Transaction History. Available for credit card payments only.

Edit Invoice Details

Edit the information presented on your invoice: full name, company, address.

If you change the details you can re-send the invoice to yourself with the new details (from the Transaction History section).

This option is not available for PayPal or in app-purchases.