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Subscription Details

This section contains the information about your plan, Premium or Team.

If you bought the subscription from the website then here you can turn the auto-renew off, cancel the subscription, update your card details or delete it at all.

If you got the subscription through an in-app purchase on iOS or Android you will be able only to check the information about the subscription but you won't be able to manage it.

Invoice Details

The information you put here will be presented on your invoice: full name, company, address. If you change the details you can re-send the invoice to yourself with the new details.

This section is only available for those who bought the subscription on the website.

Transaction History

Here you will see all of your transactions. As well as other sections this one gives you more control if you bought the subscription on the website. Otherwise you only will see the list of transaction and it not always will contain the price.

Those who got the subscription through the website are able to adjust the billing details and receive the invoices. If you removed an email with the invoice by accident you can re-send it to yourself from here.

Invoices are not available for PayPal payments.