Account & Subscription

Last updated 2 months ago

Registered users and subscribers have access to the dashboard, where they could manage their accounts and subscriptions (see below), teams and billing.

View Account Details

Know when your trial expires or subscription is going to renew. For detailed information and more options regarding a subscription, go to the Billing page.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

For more security, consider turning on 2FA authentication powered by Authy.

Manage Devices

See the devices logged into your Termius account and the latest activity date for each one.

Remotely Sign Out, if desired.

If you don't have the access to the Internet then remote signing out won't work until you get the access to it on the device.

Change Email

All the emails related to your account activity are not affected by this setting.

If you want to change your password you only can do it on the device since the data is being encrypted/decrypted there. Read more about synchronization here.

Disable the Newsletter

If you don’t want to receive occasional announcements, offers & promotions you can turn them off.

Emails related to your account activity are not affected by this setting.

Delete Account

You can delete your account once and for all and restore it within 30 days, if you change your mind.

Choose Delete Account and follow the instructions.