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How do you know my password was in a data breach?

Termius checks the password using the service (HIBP). The Termius app searches for the first 5 characters of SHA-1 of the user-provided password in HIBP API per the Cloudflare k-anonymity implementation.

Termius never sends the original (unencrypted) password or enough information to discover what the original password is.


  • The password is pa$word.

  • SHA-1 of the password will be 617ADCC02712A40E76254BA1F3A26AF660F98EC7.

  • The first 5 characters are SHA-1 of the password is 617AD, the rest is CC02712A40E76254BA1F3A26AF660F98EC7.

Here are the search results:


This data tells us the password has been leaked in 96 breaches.

Why do I get the ‘Authentication Blocked’ message?

That message means you've exceeded the number of allowed login attempts. It's for security reasons; a measure preventing from password guessing.

5 minutes should pass after the last attempt to enter a password before another attempt can be made