Premium Subscription

What will you get under the premium subscription?

The features you will get the access to as a premium user is listed here. The app is being supported on the ongoing basis and we keep adding new features for Termius users so list will be extended.

How do I buy the subscription?

One of the options is the get it though in-app purchase in the iOS or Android app. Before buying everyone has an option to have a 14-days trial to make sure it's what they need. Another option is to buy the subscription on our website. If you want to be able to get invoices and adjust your billing info this is the option you need. If you have a team and want to get a consolidated billing via your organization you can consider the Team Plan as well.

How to manage my subscription?


iOS users may manage their subscriptions with iTunes, either directly through their device or online.

To edit your Termius Premium Subscription, login to iTunes using the Apple ID you’ve used to subscribe. Navigate to the Subscription section. Here you’ll find your Termius Premium Subscription.

Android users may cancel or change a Termius Premium subscription through Google Play.

To manage your Termius Premium Subscription, login to Google Play, then tap the menu drawer and navigate to My Apps. Under the Subscriptions tab you'll find Termius.

Otherwise, navigate to the Termius app page. Here you'll find various options.

Those who bought the subscription on the website are able to manage it on the Billing page of the Account Management dashboard.

Need assistance? We're here to help!

Please contact our support team via email or directly in the app under Help and Feedback then tap or click Contact Support.

Why a subscription and not a one-off purchase?

“I understand you're trying to milk every penny from your users, but please, for the love of god, make it a one-time purchase” — Anonymous

Every so often a user will ask if it would be possible to make our Premium Subscription a one-time payment instead of a subscription.

Everyone likes money, but at Termius we believe that great software is honest and sustainable. This means we are creating a service that helps you get your job done both today and in the future.

A security product like Termius must always be compatible with the latest security standards and be updated to include new security-related features. This, along with the drive to constantly improve our product, is why Termius receives regular updates.

Our cross-device sync in Termius Premium lets you securely connect to a remote computer using any device, regardless of platform - Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, or Linux. To facilitate this, secured servers and expert server administration are necessary to keep your encrypted data flowing smoothly.

We understand that the subscription-based sales model is double-edged sword. Some users may prefer a one-time fee, but development, servers, and security are expensive and the Premium Subscription funds these activities.

Above all, we believe in an honest and sustainable business model. Thank you for your support.