Data Sharing

Team administrators can share one or more groups of hosts and all of its nested groups between other team members. The shared group will be accessible to team members in the read-only mode.

Before sharing data, make sure:

  • You’ve added the people you’ll be sharing data with to your team. That is they accepted the invitation received by e-mail and are listed on the Manage Team page.

  • All your teammates have installed and logged in to the app at least once after joining the team.

Termius utilizes advanced end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of group sharing.

Share a Group

To share a group in the desktop app, right-click one and choose Share.

Sharing a group in the desktop app

In the mobile apps, tap and hold the desired group, then tap (iOS) or (Android) and choose Share.

Unsharing can be done similarly, but with the Unshare option.

Connect to Shared Hosts

Since passwords, usernames or keys used in/attached to hosts in a shared group are not shared, it's best for non-administators to connect to the hosts with the help of identities.

Connecting to a shared host

What Data is Shared

When sharing a group you share almost all of its attributes and nested hosts.

The following attributes are shared too:

  • Tags.

  • Environment variables.

  • Startup snippets.

  • Proxy and identity used in proxy settings.

  • A host chain, but only if all of the hosts in the chain are shared.

But this data is not shared:

  • Usernames, passwords, keys and identities used to connect to a host.

  • Any port forwarding rules.


More options are planned for future versions:

  • Ability to allow editing a shared group by a non-administrator.

  • Ability to request credentials by team members for a host from the team administrator.