Data Sharing

Team administrators can share one or more groups of hosts and all of its nested groups between other team members. The shared group will be accessible to team members in the read-only mode.

Startup snippets and identities, associated with a shared group or host used in proxy settings, will be shared too.

Data sharing is currently in beta.

Share a group

Before sharing a group, make sure you’re a team administrator

To share a group in the desktop app, right-click one and choose Share.

In the mobile apps, tap and hold the desired group, then tap (iOS) or (Android) and choose Share.

Any hosts / groups in that group will be reachable to your teammates.

Unsharing can be done similarly with the Unshare option instead of Share.


  • Termius utilizes advanced end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of group sharing.

  • More options are planned for future versions:

    • Ability to allow editing a shared group by a non-administrator.

    • Ability to request credentials by team members for a host from the team administrator.