Inviting Teammates

The team administrator can add and remove team members from the team management dashboard –

Please, use a supported browser for visiting, i.e., Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari (desktop versions).

Add a Team Member

  1. Navigate to the team management dashboard.

  2. Click + Add team member.

  3. In the Email field, specify the email address of the person you're adding.

  4. In the Role field, choose a role for the member. Editors, unlike members, can add, edit, and remove hosts/groups inside shared groups. Here's more on data sharing.

  5. Click Send Invite. An email containing a link will be sent to the person.

  6. Once the team member accepts your invitation, you’ll receive an email with a link you need to follow to enable this person to access the team's shared data.

And now your team can start collaborating🤝

If you need to add a team member who has an active premium subscription, please, contact [email protected] 👨🔧

Remove a Team Member

When you remove team members, their Termius accounts are irreversibly deleted.

  1. Navigate to your team management dashboard.

  2. Click next to the person you want to remove from the team.

💳 Removing a member doesn’t affect the number of seats in your subscription plan.