Teams' Plan Overview

The Termius for Teams plan is designed for joint work.

It lets you and your workmates use Termius as a team, which means several things (see below).

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Consolidated Billing

Everyone in the team has access to the features available via the Premium subscription, but only the administrator of the team gets billed, and not every person individually.

Data sharing

The administrator of the team can share his or her data with other team members.

It is possible to only share groups of hosts, associated startup snippets and identities used in proxy settings. Usernames, passwords or keys used for authenticating to a host will not be shared.

Centralized Ownership

It is the team’s administrator who manages the team.

The administrator can manage his or her team from the Manage Team section of the account dashboard: change the name of the team, invite or remove team members, see their latest activity.

Team management dashboard

Once a person is removed from the team, his or her Termius account is removed completely.

There can only be one administrator per group. Re-assigning administrator privileges is not currently possible.