When you make a connection in Termius, that session is logged in History. This provides a log of activity and allows you to add these past sessions as hosts.


On the desktop, history can be found in the left-hand panel.

Click an item to see its details, connect, add as a host or remove.

To clear all history, right-click History and choose Clear history.


To browse history on a mobile, navigate to the History screen.

Then tap and hold a history item and choose the relevant option.

History is currently synced between mobile devices only.

Location Tracking

You can choose to store the info about the location, from where the connection is made, and see it on the map in history items. Your location will not be tracked when you don’t have any active connections.

To enable location tracking:

  1. Navigate to settings, and enable Save Location Data.

  2. Choose Always, or, if it’s iOS 13, Ask next time.

  3. Navigate to your device settings.

  4. Choose Termius at the bottom.

  5. Choose Location > Always.