The Quick-Connect option will come in handy when you are in a hurry. It lets you connect to a host without creating a host entry.

For a quick connection:

  1. Navigate to the initial screen (on the desktop) or Terminals (on mobile).

  2. Type in ssh you@yourserver.com -p 2222 in the bar at the top. Replace you, username and 2222 with your username, hostname and port, respectively.

-p is the only supported argument at the moment.

To access this option from the iOS home screen, just force-touch the app icon.

Discover Local Hosts

(On mobile) once you start typing, the Discover Local Hosts button appears at the bottom.

Tap it to enable Bonjour (iOS) or Network Service Discovery (Android) and be presented with a list of local hosts with enabled SSH or Telnet service.