Import from CSV

Termius doesn’t allow importing data from a CSV file per se, but you can convert it to an ssh config file and then import it as ssh config.

To convert a CSV file, you need to ensure it's correctly formatted (see below).

Prepare the CSV File

A CSV file must accord with the following format:

  • It is a plain text file named source.txt

  • Each new line represents a new entry.

  • The file follows this pattern, and blank fields are ignored: {Name},{Address},{Username}

A Sample source.txt File

Raspberry pi,,pi
Home media center,

Convert CSV to SSH Config

Use the following command to convert your CSV file to ssh config:

awk -F',' \
'{print "Host " $1 "\n\tHostname " $2; if ($3) { print "\tUser " $3 } }' \
< source.txt > ssh_config

A Sample ssh_config File

Host Router
User admin
Host Raspberry pi
User pi
Host Home media center
Host Work