Multiple Windows on iPad
On iPads with iOS 13 or newer, you can open several windows of Termius and use two windows side-by-side, i.e. in split view.
Two windows of Termius in split view
Active terminals are window-dependent objects, which means when you create a connection in one window, it will be available only in this window.
Sessions are window-dependent

Opening Multiple Windows

To open a new window, touch and hold the app icon in the dock or on the home screen, then tap Show all windows and +. The other window will be moved to the background.
Alternatively, drag Termius from the dock to the left- or right-hand side of the screen. This will open a new window and put it next to the already visible window. Unless you have some windows that are not in split view in the background.

Current Limitations

At the moment, these capabilities are not supported:
  • drag and drop of active connections between windows,
  • creating a new window via drag and drop of the host.
Last modified 7mo ago