Port Knocking
Port knocking is a method of externally opening ports, which, by default, the firewall keeps closed, by generating a connection attempt on a set of pre-specified closed ports.
Termius provides a port knocking client supporting both UDP / TCP protocols and inter-packet delays.
To send a knock sequence in Termius, you'll need to:
    Create a port knocking type of snippet (see below).
    Run it from the Snippets screen.
You must have a port knock daemon running on your server to be able to use this feature.
Port knocking is a premium feature.

Create a Port Knocking Snippet

    Navigate to the Snippets screen.
    Tap + and then Port Knocking Snippet.
    (Optional) In the Name field, specify the name of the snippet.
    (Optional) In the Default Destination field, specify a host that will be receiving the knock sequence.
    In the Knock Sequence section, create a knock sequence. Each item in the sequence is either a TCP or UPD packet sent to a required port, or a delay (pause).
Tap and hold an item in the sequence to re-arrange it.
Creating and running a port knocking snippet (iOS)
Port knocking is currently available in mobile apps only.
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