SSH Config Import

Please, note that SSH Config Import is a Premium feature.

By importing an sshconfig, you can instantly add a multitude of hosts and related data.

Follow the instruction below to learn how.

  1. Make sure you use Termius 4.4.x or later version.

  2. Navigate to Preferences > Profile.

  3. Click Import SSH Config and select the config file.

  4. Tick the hosts you’d like to import (see the screenshot below).

  5. Click root group, if you want the hosts to be added into a group.

  6. Click Save and then Done.

How It's Done

  • Any parameters not present on the + New Host screen will be ignored.

  • IdentityFile is ignored for apps running in the sandbox (Apple / Windows stores).

  • ProxyCommand is ignored.

  • JumpHost is treated as an item in the host chain.