Termius aims to provide a simple and consistent experience no matter what device you're using. To make that possible, Termius synchronizes your data across all devices using end-to-end encryption.

Termius syncs the following data:

  • Hosts (alias, address, username, password, configuration).

  • Groups (name, username, password, configuration).

  • Identities (label, username, password).

  • Keys (private/public parts, passphrase).

  • Snippets (label, content)

  • Port Forwarding Rules.

  • Tags.

  • Known Hosts.

  • History (only in the mobile apps).

  • Settings (color schemes, fonts, and options in the settings list).

You Are in Full Control of Your Data

Your data is protected by your Termius password, but we strongly recommend enabling 2-factor authentication with Authy. Two-factor authentication protects your account if your password is somehow compromised. To learn more about 2FA, please click here.

Additionally, you can disable Identities & Keys synchronization. This will disable the synchronization of your identities, including hosts' usernames, passwords, and keys.

Finally, if you wish to delete particular data, please contact us and we’ll do it.

You can delete your account as well.

How our Synchronization Works

Your data is encrypted with AES-256 with your password using the RNCryptor library before it is ever sent to our servers.

What's encrypted:

  • Hosts (alias, hostname or IP address, username, password)

  • Identities (label, username, password)

  • Keys (label, private key, public key, passphrase)

  • Known Hosts

  • Port Forwarding Rules (addresses)

  • Snippets (labels and content)

  • Tags

  • Groups (labels, usernames, passwords)

What's not encrypted:

  • Port numbers

  • Color schemes

  • Font sizes

  • Different options available in settings as defaults

Protect Your Master Password

Because your data is encrypted with full E2EE using your master password, only you can decrypt it. Paired with 2FA guessing the password would be an extremely difficult task.

If you forget your password there is no way to restore the data. You can reset the password but this will leave your account empty.

Please remember your master password and store it in a safe place. We encourage you to use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass.

Still Have Questions?

We'll be glad to help! Please send us your questions via email and we’ll be in touch soon.