Termius aims to provide a simple and consistent experience no matter what device you're using. To make that possible, Termius synchronizes your data across all devices using end-to-end encryption.
Your data is encrypted with AES-256 with either your password or encryption passphrase (when you sign in via single sign-on) using the RNCryptor library before it is uploaded to the servers of Termius.
Synchronization are a premium feature.
Termius synchronizes the following data:
  • Hosts (alias, address, username, password, configuration).
  • Groups (name, username, password, configuration).
  • Identities (label, username, password).
  • Keys (private/public parts, passphrase).
  • Snippets (label, content)
  • Port Forwarding Rules.
  • Tags.
  • Known Hosts.
  • History (only in the mobile apps).
  • Settings (color schemes, fonts, and options in the settings list).
💡 We strongly recommend enabling 2-factor authentication with Authy. It will protect your account if your password is somehow compromised. To learn more about 2FA, please click here.

Disable Synchronization

You can disable synchronization in part by disabling Sync keys and identities in the settings.
That will prevent any passwords, usernames, keys, and identities from syncing to our servers. That is any passwords, usernames, keys, identities added after that option was unchecked.

Technical Details

For more information on synchronization, please, see synchronization security overview.
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