Tags provide a convenient way for you to categorize your hosts.

For example, you may wish to tag all Ubuntu servers, servers belonging to a particular client if you are a freelancer, or virtual servers versus dedicated servers. Keep in mind that multiple tags can be used, so feel free to be expressive in the tags you assign to a host. Having a descriptive set of tags will make it much simpler to navigate and search through a large list of hosts.

Termius will also create some tags automatically. If the operating system of the host can be detected, the name of the system will be tagged to the host (i.e. Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, etc.). The protocol used with the host (i.e. SSH, Mosh, etc.) is also created as a tag.

Adding Tags to a New Host

When adding a host, you can add one or more tags in the Tags field. On mobile, you can use a space or comma to separate between tags. On the deskop client, use a comma to separate multiple tags.

Adding or Editing Tags to an Existing Host


Tap on Hosts then tap and hold the host you wish to modify, then click the edit icon immediately to the left of the red trash can icon.

Tap on Tags then add or edit the existing tags, then tap Save.

Click on Hosts then right click on the host in question and click Edit.

In the edit pane, add or edit existing tags in the Tags field then click Save.

View Hosts by Tags


Tap on Hosts then tap the Search box and type the name of the tag you wish to see.