Emulation Types

Termius supports the following emulation types:

  • VT100 (single color output)

  • xterm

  • xterm-256colors

Color Schemes & Font Customization

Color schemes and font face are customizable in active sessions on iOS and Android. The changes in color scheme or font face on Desktop will be applied only at the next connection. In future versions these adjustments will be made on the fly.

However, font size is customizable in active sessions on all platforms.


On iOS/Android, use the pinch-in/out gestures to decrease/increase the font size.

On Desktop, you can use Cmd and +/- to increase/decrease the font size.

Terminal Touch (Mobile)

When Terminal Touch is enabled, Termius treats gestures as arrow key strokes:

  • swipe ↑, ↓, ← or → to press ↑, ↓, ← and → keys, respectively;

  • swipe ↑ or ↓ with two fingers to press Page Up and Page Down, respectively;

  • swipe ← or → with two fingers to press Home and End, respectively.

Clickable Links

Termius makes links (http:// and more) clickable to save you from the hassle of copy-paste.

Premium Features

Subscribers get access to all the terminal features, which boost your productivity.


Tabs make it easy to switch between multiple active sessions. All the sessions are right in front of you, when you’re using the terminal, no matter what platform you use.


The SFTP manager is blended into the terminal, so you can swiftly transfer, copy, delete, download to local storage and modify permissions. Read more about the support of SFTP.


A snippet is a saved sequence of commands that’s a tap or click away when you’re using the terminal. A snippet can even be auto-run upon connection to the host. Read more about snippets.

Autocomplete (Mobile)

Once you start typing a command, Termius gives you suggestions based on instructions you’ve previously used and your snippets (their names). As of now, it is only available on mobile devices.

Additional Keyboard (Mobile)

In the terminal, you have a second keyboard above the built-in one. It provides access to some other features of Termius and, what’s important, lets you use special keys (e.g. Ctrl, Alt, Esc), key combinations and bind the volume up, down, and shake activities to keys.

Paste Password Button (Mobile)

Use the Paste Password button, when you need to quickly insert the host password to the terminal. Available on mobile devices only.