Termius CLI
The Termius CLI (command-line interface) utility provides a method of interacting with Termius outside of the application itself. It is written in Python and can be installed on Linux, macOS, or Windows (via Windows Subsystem for Linux or Cygwin).
You can also use this utility to import, export, backup, and sync your SSH configuration on your machine to your Termius.com account. Using this functionality allows you to keep your SSH configuration in sync with Termius, providing maximum integration for software and tools that require OpenSSH.


Install Script
pip install -U termius
easy_install -U termius
brew install termius
Install Windows Subsystem for Linux (Debian or Ubuntu preferred), then make sure Python is installed:
sudo apt install python python-pip
Then install via PIP:
pip install -U termius
You may use Cygwin as well, but Windows Subsystem for Linux is recommended. If you choose to use Cygwin, make sure to install Python, then use PIP or easy_install to install Termius CLI as described above.
Please note that WSL requires Windows 10.



Please watch this demonstration video for usage examples.


termius init


Allows you to login to your Termius.com account.
termius login


Pull your data from Termius.com (requires login first).
termius pull


Push your data to Termius.com (requires login first).
termius push

Create a Host

This function allows you to create a host. You must run push afterward to sync to your Termius.com account.
termius host --address localhost --label myhost

Import Hosts from Config

Use this to import your ~/.ssh/config file to your Termius.com account.
termius import-ssh-config
If you wish to have Termius ignore a particular host entry in your SSH configuration, you may add the comment termius:ignore in the host definition.
For example, this entry:
Host my-host
# termius:ignore
HostName example.com
User my-user
Will not be imported.

Export Hosts to SSH

Export (or backup) your Termius.com settings into an OpenSSH-compatible config file.
termius export-ssh-config
The resulting file will be created in ./termius/sshconfig

Connect to a Host

Connect to a host as defined in your Termius.com account.
termius connect myhost

Termius CLI Utility Source

Check out the Termius CLI utility source code and documentation on GitHub.
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