Import from SecureCRT
Termius can import a limited set of host attributes from SecureCRT, including label, hostname, username, and your global SSH keys.
Before we begin, please ensure that you have installed Termius CLI and the SecureCRT application.

Exporting Data

    Launch SecureCRT.
    Select Export Settings from the Tools menu.
    Select the path for the export file and click Export.

Importing Data

Run the following command via Termius CLI:
termius import-hosts -p SecureCRT -s /path/to/config.xml
In the above example, the path to the config file might be /Users/username/Desktop/config.xml on a Mac or /home/username/config.xml on Linux. Windows users will need to access the path on their Windows disk, probably via /mnt/c/Users/username/Desktop/config.xml or similar. In the previous examples, replace username with your username. Replace with the actual path you used during the export step.

Verify Import

You can verify that the import was successful via the CLI by running:
termius hosts -c address
to list addresses or:
termius groups -r -c label
to list labels.

Synchronizing With the Termius Cloud

You can push your imported data via the CLI via:
termius push
You'll see Data delivered successfully upon completion.
Last modified 1yr ago